Vegecare™ Nature Based Lanolin Alternatives

Cosmetic grade lanolin has traditionally been extracted from the wool of sheep, refined and then purified for use. Jarchem is offering new and innovative vegetable alternatives to animal derived lanolin. Our Vegecare™ Lanolin Alternatives are offered in oil, semi-solid, and wax forms. These products function as excellent emollients, stabilizers, viscosity builders, and serve as perfect alternatives.

Nature-Based Texturizing Agent
CAS:66085-00-5 / 32057-14-0, 73398-61-5, 5333-42-6

Vegetable Alternative to Lanolin Wax
CAS:8001-79-4; 8050-31-5; 68334-28-1

Vegetable Alternative to Lanolin
CAS:194043-92-0; 8050-31-5; 156768-12-8

Vegetable Alternative to Lanolin Oil
CAS:8001-79-4; 8050-31-5; 25496-72-4; 156768-12-8