Vegecare™ LW

Vegetable Alternative to Lanolin Wax
CAS:8001-79-4; 8050-31-5; 68334-28-1

Vegecare™ LW is a vegetable alternative that mimics animal derived Lanolin Wax. This vegetable lanolin wax has the same appearance and application as animal derived Lanolin Wax. Vegecare™ LW is an excellent emollient that has the ability to stabilize emulsions and build viscosity in formulations. In addition, Vegecare™ LW has great conditioning properties for the hair.

Vegecare™ LW is compatible with other natural waxes & cosmetic oils and is easy to handle when melted.

• Emollient
• Moisturizer
• Stabilizes emulsions
• Viscosity builder
• Hair conditioner

• Intensive Moisturizers (Creams)
• Hair care products
• Hair styling products
• Lipsticks
• Lip balms
• Color cosmetics

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