Vegecare™ LO

Vegetable Alternative to Lanolin Oil
CAS:8001-79-4; 8050-31-5; 25496-72-4; 156768-12-8

Vegecare™ LO is a vegetable alternative that mimics animal derived Lanolin Oil. This vegetable-derived lanolin oil alternative is easy to handle and compatible with all other cosmetic oils. Vegecare™ LO provides excellent emolliency to formulations and adds water resistant properties with high gloss. This product stabilizes emulsions and helps keep formulations’ clarity and fluidity. Lastly, Vegecare™ LO can be used to replace mineral oil in formulations.

• Emollient
• Water resistance
• Stabilizes emulsions
• Lanolin Oil Replacement
• Shine & Gloss

• Make up cleansing oils
• Bath & shower oils
• Lip Gloss
• Massage oils
• Creams
• Hair oils
• Hair serums
• Sun care products

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