Vegecare™ L

Vegetable Alternative to Lanolin
CAS:194043-92-0; 8050-31-5; 156768-12-8

Vegecare™ L is a vegetable alternative that mimics animal derived Lanolin. This semi solid vegetable lanolin has the same appearance and application as animal derived Lanolin. Vegecare™ L is a natural moisturizer and could protect the cutaneous barrier by retaining water within the epidermis. Its strong water absorption properties allows it to retain water 4 times its weight (2x compared to Lanolin). Once fully absorbed, Vegecare™ L can provide great waterproofing activity.

Vegecare™ L acts as an excellent emollient and could also stabilize emulsions.

• Emollient
• Water absorption & water resistance
• Stabilizes emulsions

• Color cosmetics
• Creams
• Hair care products
• Hair styling products
• Sun care products
• Lip treatment products

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