Jarxotic™ GC-NS Ultra

Illite (and) Montmorillonite (and) Kaolin – Ultra

CAS:106958-53-6, 1318-93-0, 1332-58-7 EINECS:N/A

Jarxotic™ GC-NS, our Green Clay has a unique ratio of illite, montmorillonite and kaolin. This clay is known for stimulating and revitalizing skin cells by exfoliating, cleaning and invigorating. Jarxotic™ GC-NS Ultra is a smaller particle sized green clay that can be used in foundation as a unique addition.

Green Clay is commonly used to treat uneven complexions and oily skin. The high mineral content of this clay rejuvenates the skin while the clay exfoliates and stimulates blood circulation. It is rich in minerals and has revitalizing and regenerating properties. It cleanses and absorbs excess sebum while tightening pores. It leaves skin smooth, fresh, and radiant.

Green clay has also been used for years in agricultural, animal care, cosmetic, and even folk medicine applications. Anecdotal evidence suggests antibacterial characteristics, and green clay from this region has been used to promote rapid healing from applications of its paste to bug bites and stings.

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