Jarquest™ 7000

PBTC 50%
AKA: 2-Phosphonobutane –1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid
CAS:37971-36-1 EINECS:253-733-5

Jarquest™ 7000 is an organophosphonate with the structural features of both phosphoric acid and carboxylic acid functional groups. This allows for excellent scale and corrosion inhibition properties. Under high temperature conditions, its anti-scalant properties are better than that of other organophosphonates.

Jarquest™ 7000 can improve zinc salt solubility and has good chlorine oxidation. It is widely used in circulating cooling water systems, oilfield applications and as a scale and corrosion inhibitor. It is good for use in a hostile water environment or in the presence of oxidizers.

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