Jarmon™ HEAA

AKA: N-(2-hydroxyethyl) Acrylamide
CAS:7646-67-5 EINECS: N/A

This product is a reactive liquid acrylamide derivative, containing a hydroxyl group that offers high safety and non-primary irritancy.

It also improves anti-hydrolysis properties as compared with acrylate analogues. It is excellent in UV applications because of the high activity under photo polymerization. It is also a good crosslinker that offers dehydration crosslink with no formalin occurrence.

This homopolymer offers excellent hydrophilicity, and good shelf life stability.


  • Adhesives
  • UV coatings
  • Inks
  • Urethane oligomers
  • Paints and conductive coatings
  • Flocculant/oil recovery polymers
  • Water treatment
  • Optical products
  • Photoresists
  • Personal care polymers


  • Adhesives
  • UV coatings
  • Medical gels
  • Reactive solvents

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