Jaric™ L60 + CL Powder

60% Lactic Acid and Calcium Lactate
CAS:79-33-4; 814-80-2; 7631-86-9

Jaric™ L60 + CL Powder is a high quality free-flowing lactic acid powder on a calcium lactate carrier that serves as a flavor-booster. It features a narrow particle size distribution and a high percentage of non-polymerized lactic acid. The use of this powder in diary products enhances and prolongs their characteric acid lactic acid taste. In addition to its usage in dairy, this product excels at boosting savory flavors such as onion and ginger, as well as fruit flavors such as cherry and strawberry.

Jaric™ L60 + CL Powder can serve as an alternative to other food-additive acids, such as citric acid, for a more subtle clean taste. This ingredient will enhance taste without diminishing the food’s flavor profile and intensity.


  • Seasonings
  • Dairy
  • Sourdough bread
  • Fruit-flavored products


  • Flavor enhancer

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