Jarfilter™ 10

PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone)
CAS: 9003-93-8 EINECS: 201-800-4

Jarfilter™ 10, aka Crospovidone, for the wine industry is a superior filtering agent that assists in removing flavins as well as mono and dimeric phenolics, such as anthocyanins and catechins, that disrupt the quality of wine. Jarfilter™ PVPPs considerably reduce tannins and lower the phenol value. Unlike gelatin and casein, PVPP is very specific in removing only smaller, reactive phenolic molecules and not larger polyphenols.

Jarfilter™ 10 removes off-flavors and undesirable bitterness, prevents brown or pink colorations in wines and enhances desired aromas and tastes. Jarfilter™ products settle rapidly, exhibit excellent lumping, assist with longer shelf life, and function well in cool temperatures.

This product has a particle size >15 – 35 μm and works great for all types of wine. Learn about our unique patented tablet form of Jarfilter™ 10

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