Jarfilter™ 10 Tablets

PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone)
CAS: 9003-93-8 EINECS: 201-800-4

Jarfilter™ 10 comes in a unique, patent pending, tablet form. This tablet form allows for specialized benefits when used for filtering wine. Jarfilter™ 10 Tablets have small particle sizes, making it especially effective in absorbing low molecular weight polyphenolics. Additionally, these tablets enable the winemaker to have all of the advantages of PVPP treatment without any dusting problems. Each tablet has a diameter of 18mm, thickness of 5mm, and weight of approximately 1.4g. The tablets disintegrate extremely quickly to minimize delay in activity.
Jarfilter™ 10 Tablets conforms to the current International Oenological Codex (OIV) monograph for PVPP.

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