Jarfactant™ L30

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate Solution
AKA: Sodium N-Lauroyl Methyl Glycinate
CAS:137-16-6 EINECS:205-281-5

Jarfactant™ L30 is a high foam, eco-friendly surfactant. It has good chlorine stability with anti-corrosion properties. It also contains no sulfates.

This surfactant has excellent ocular tolerance and gentleness. It has intrinsic anti-corrosive properties toward ferrous metals in a wide variety of applications and formulations.

In addition to having anti-corrosive properties, Jarfactant™ L30 can be used in cutting oils and lubrication applications to enhance water displacement.

For pickling and metal cleaning, it can be used in the rinse bath to prevent flash rust and corrosion after processing.

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