Jarfactant™ 325N

Alkyl Polyglucoside C09 – C11
CAS:132778-08-6 EINECS:N/A

Jarfactant™ 325N is a high performance nonionic alkyl polyglucoside surfactant that provides excellent detergency and stability in formulations. It gives body to foams in formulations, producing dense and stable foams. Jarfactant™ 325N’s properties makes it ideal for hard surface cleaning.

Jarfactant™ 325 is available in 2 versions:
Jarfactant™ 325N is neutralized to pH 7.0 – 9.5 and
Jarfactant™ 325UP is unpreserved at pH 10.0 – 12.0.


  • Excellent detergency
  • Soil removal
  • Great hydrotrope for other less hydrophilic ingredients
  • Nonionic – compatible with all other surfactants


  • Firefighting foam
  • Laundry products

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