Jarcane™ 16

CAS:544-76-3 EINECS:208-878-9

Jarcane™ 16 is a high purity alkane that is a single cut, linear, vegetable-derived paraffin made from renewable resources like natural fatty acids or natural fatty acid methyl esters. It is characterized by a sharp melting profile, solvency in liquid, high latent heat of fusion, chemical inertness, and non-tendency to supercooling. This product has 16 carbons.

Jarcane™ 16 is an excellent choice when looking for a phase change material for latent heat storage applications including functional textiles and construction. It is an alternative choice when looking for non-polar solvent, oils or wax additives based on renewable resources for environmentally-friendly or natural formulation concepts.

It is great for use in dermatology applications or creams. It can serve as a mineral oil replacement. It provides shine, lubricity, and emolliency, with a light, oily feel. Jarcane™ 16 is oxidatively stable and derived from all natural, renewable (non-petroleum) resources.

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