Ceraphor™ FT9601

INCI: Paraffin
CAS: 8002-74-2 / 64742-51-4

CERAPHOR FT9601 is a hard paraffin wax obtained through the Fischer-Tropsch process. The process utilizes sustainable feedstock and natural gases to produce high purity waxes.
CERAPHOR FT9601 has a high melting point, low viscosity, and good thermal stability.


  • Reliable crystallization for hot pour processes
  • Film former
  • Forms stable oil gels
  • Stabilizer for emulsions


  • Anhydrous systems (Lipsticks, eyeliners etc)
  • Balms
  • AP/DEO
  • Sun care
  • Hair styling

Suggested use level: 1 -12%

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