Lifting the Lid off Lipids

Incorporating lipids into your applications can create endless opportunities..

Lipids make up a large group of organic compounds that encompass different subcategories such as fatty acids, glycerides, waxes, and complex lipids. By understanding what lipids are and what they can do for our skin can make a substantial difference in your applications.

Shea (Butyrospermum Parkii) Butter is a natural fat that is used most in moisturizers because of its ability to reduce irritation and protect our skin from the environment. Our Jarplex™ line of Shea Butters and Shea Butter derivatives are suitable for a variety of personal care applications. 

  • Jarplex™ SB-WD is a unique water dispersible, cold-processable Shea Butter that softens when rubbed into the skin but can hold a structured shape due to its melting point being around 45°C.
  • Jarplex™ SB60-DP offers a powdered shea texture that works to bind formulations, mattify lotions/creams, and is ideal for creating powdered based applications.

Due to hydrophobic tendencies, lipids make for great additions to skin care and cosmetic products. When absorbed into the skin, oils and waxes create a barrier that reduces water-loss at the skin’s surface, firmly locking in moisture. Oils are well known for their fatty acid composition and unsaponifiable content which contribute to skin feel and benefits.

Our Jarxotic™ oils offer a rich variety of natural oils that have a hearty composition of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. See below for our line of naturally derived oils.

We have also created a number of complex lipids and esters derivatized from their original lipid chemistries. These products are unique as they maintain their natural unsaponifiable content while offering different textures and solubilities. See below for our product listing.

In regards to wax, we have two wax product lines that include naturally derived, vegetable alternatives to lanolin and economically friendly waxes. 

  • Our Vegecare™ line is a nature-based alternative to animal derived lanolin, lanolin oil, and lanolin wax. They function as excellent emollients, stabilizers, viscosity builders, and serve as ideal alternatives.
  • Our Ceraphor™ wax line are popular and economically friendly waxes such as paraffins, microcrystallines, and petrolatums. They offer high quality and high melt points to applications to create an intense protective layer on the skin.

Incorporating fatty acids into personal care products offers versatility when creating applications that promote skin health, moisturization, and protection from environmental exposure. Check below for product listings of all the lipids we offer.

Check out our Fatty Acid Oil & Butter Composition Chart

Here you will find a complete list of today’s most popular and most used oils and butters in the personal care industry. Find out more about each ingredient’s composition from their melting point, to their saturated and unsaturated fatty acid content.

Find a lipid that works best for you and your applications:


  • Jarxotic AB35 (Acai Butter)
  • Jarxotic CU35 (Cupuacu Butter)
  • Jarxotic MB35 (Murumuru Butter)
  • Jarplex SB35 (RBD Shea Butter)
  • Jarplex SB45 (RBD Shea Butter [High Melt Point] HMP)
  • Jarplex SB12 (Shea Butter Extract)
  • Jarplex SB15 ( Shea Butter Liquid)
  • Jarplex CU-WD (Water-Dispersible Cupuacu Butter)
  • Jarplex MU-WD (Water-Dispersible Murumuru Butter)
  • Jarplex SB-WD (Water-Dispersible Shea Butter)


  • Ceraphor™ M7027 (Microcrystalline Wax)
  • Ceraphor™ P5615 (Paraffin)
  • Ceraphor™ P6216 (Paraffin/Ceresin)
  • Ceraphor™ PJ600 (Petrolatum)
  • Ceraphor™ SW (Synthetic Wax)
  • Vegecare™ L (Vegetable Lanolin)
  • Vegecare™ LO (Vegetable Lanolin Oil)
  • Vegecare™ LW (Vegetable Lanolin Wax)

*More waxes available dependent on congealing point and penetration level.


  • Jarxotic™ AC15 (Acai Oil)
  • Jarxotic™ AN20 (Andrioba Oil)
  • Jarxotic™ BN20 (Brazil Nut Oil)
  • Jarxotic™ BU15 (Buriti Oil)
  • Jarxotic™ CO76 (Coconut Oil)
  • Jarxotic™ CO15 (Copaiba Oil)
  • Jaroil™ EPO (Evening Primrose Oil)
  • Jarxotic™ PF15 (Passionfruit Seed Oil)
  • Jarplex™ SB10 (Shea Oil)
  • Jaroil™ SO (Sunflower Seed Oil)

Complex Lipids

  • Jarplex™ M2O (Water Soluble Surfactant-Oil System)
  • Jarplex™ MUR (Shea Based Solvent)
  • Jarplex™ SB-WS50 (PEG-50 Shea Butter)
  • Jarplex™ SPG (Shea Butter Glucosides)
  • Jarplex™ SB60-DP (Shea Butter Powder)


  • Jaroil™ MCT-M5 (Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides)
  • Jaroil™ 341 (Cocoglycerides)
  • Jaroil™ IPS (Isopropyl Shea Butter Ester)
  • Jarplex™ SB-EE (Shea Butter Ethyl Ester)
  • Jarplex™ SB-OE (Shea Butter Octyldodecyl Ester)

Check out some formulations below!

Baby Powder Lotion (Formula No. CMV02126)

A cream-to-powder lotion which mimics the skin feel after applying baby powder, and gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.

Mascne Balm (Formula No. JY02032 )

A solution to combat the troubles of wearing a mask and the struggle of acne.

Butter Lip Balm (Formula No. JY01013)

An all-natural lip balm that provides long lasting moisture, without leaving behind a greasy after feel.

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