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      JARPLEX™ M2O is a transparent water soluble liquid derived from 100% vegetable-based raw materials that helps improve skin conditioning performance, and largely used in wash off & makeup removing applications. The nanosized emulsion structure enables the incorporation of a high amount of oil into a clear final product. It is a gentle and mild product that offers moisturizing properties with a generous lather and boosts cleansing efficacy. A great, natural alternative to silicone-based conditioners/solvents.

      Applications include but not limited to:   Clear Shampoo, Conditioner, Conditioning Hair Oil, Body Wash, Face Wash, Wipes, Creams, Micellar Water, Makeup Removing Cleanser

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Jarplex™ M2O

Sucranov™ Micro

          SUCRANOV™ Micro synergistically improves conditioning performance when combined with cationic polymers by creating a gel phase during application. It can create a stronger gel phase which results in better conditioning as use levels are increased. It can be added to shampoos to help with wet-combing and detangling. In addition, it can also help increase formulation stability of naturally-based shampoos with cationic polymers & gum-based thickeners while also improving wet combing.

      Applications include but not limited to:  Clear silicone-free shampoo, Body wash, Face wash, Liquid soap, Wipes, Wash off and cleaning, Creams, Hair care, Skin Care 

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Sucranov™ SF

SUCRANOV™ SF is a nature based, high performing, ready-to-use system of mild surfactants that has superior foaming height and longer lasting foam. This blend has excellent lather, high foam density and skin conditioning properties.

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Jarplex™ SB-WD

JARPLEX™ SB-WD is rapidly readily biodegradable and completely water-dispersible in aqueous-based formulations, as well as compatible with surfactant-based systems. Due to its superior water dispersion properties, this product is an effective emulsifier for all kinds of natural vegetable oils. JARPLEX™ SB-WD produces unique “rapid absorbing” sensations in creams and lotions with a soothing non-greasy feel.

For more information about JARPLEX™ SB-WD visit its product page here.

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