Jarxotic™ Natural Clays

Jarchem™ offers a wide range of clays for all your needs. Our clays have the natural ability to purify and absorb toxins and excess oils from the skin. Jarxotic™ Natural Clays are taken from natural quarries located far from city pollution, to maintain the clay’s purity and allow for maximum toxin elimination, smoother textures and gentler application on the skin. Jarxotic™ Natural Clays have no artificial coloring and are rich in various minerals and trace elements. They are non-irradiated and all processing is mechanical to maintain the most natural and pure elements of the clay.

Whether you are looking for healing properties, exfoliation, stimulation, or toxin elimination, we have the perfect clay for you. Popular uses of our Jarxotic™ Natural Clays include face masks, skin poultices, hair shampoos, detox baths, lotions, creams, and much more. Our all natural, ECOCERT COSMOS Approved clays offer a wide range of skin benefits, without harming the environment.

Green – Blue montmorillonite clay
AKA: Blue Montmorillonite, Blue Clay
CAS:1318-93-0 EINECS: 215-288-5

Illite (and) Quartz (and) Kaolin

Illite (and) Montmorillonite (and) Kaolin
AKA: Green Clay
CAS:106958-53-6, 1318-93-0, 1332-58-7EINECS:N/A

Montmorillonite (and) Illite
AKA: Pink Montmorillonite Clay, Pink Clay
CAS:1318-93-0; 106958-53-6 EINECS:215-288-5; 310-194-6

AKA: Red Clay, Red Illite Clay
CAS:106958-53-6 EINECS: N/A

AKA: Yellow Ochre Clay, Sun Clay
CAS:106958-53-6 EINECS:N/A

AKA: White Clay, Kaolinite
CAS:1332-58-7 EINECS:310-194-6

AKA: White Montmorillonite Clay, White Clay
CAS:1318-93-0 EINECS:310-194-6

AKA: Amazonian White Clay
CAS:1332-58-7 ENIECS:310-194-6

AKA: Yellow Illite Clay
CAS:106958-53-6 EINECS: N/A