Jarether™ Ethers

Jarether™ D line of products are a series of saturated primary C6-C18 linear alcohol ethers. They are stable at high alkalinity pH values, biodegradable / “bio-friendly” solvents, and have a pearlescent appearance.

Didecyl Ether
CAS:2456-28-2 EINECS:219-533-7

Distearyl Ether
AKA: Dioctadecyl Ether
CAS:6297-03-6 EINECS:228-567-1

Dicetyl Ether
AKA: Dihexadecyl Ether
CAS:4113-12-6 EINECS:223-900-7

Dilauryl Ether
CAS:4542-57-8 EINECS:224-895-4

Dihexyl Ether
AKA: Developmental
CAS:112-58-3 EINECS:203-987-8

Dicaprylyl Ether
AKA: Dioctyl Ether
CAS:629-82-3 EINECS: 211-112-6

Dimyristyl Ether
AKA: Ditetradecyl Ether
CAS:5412-98-6 EINECS:226-499-7