Jarchem announces official membership to RSPO

Working towards a brighter future...

Jarchem is pleased to announce we have received certification to include RSPO certified Mass Balance palm products into our supply chain to support the production of sustainable palm oil.

Palm oil is a versatile product that is used worldwide and across several different industries. From cooking to skin care to even fuel in our cars, palm oil is a resource that is used actively every day. Unfortunately, only 19 percent of world’s palm oil is certified by the RSPO, which leaves a large amount unaccountable by certain guidelines and standards. By using responsibly sourced palm oil, we can positively impact the environment through battling deforestation and protecting the biodiverse regions that are home to so many species.  

Though 2020 has been a year that brought many things to a standstill, we have continued to work towards developing our sustainable measures. In joining the RSPO, we know this is the first step towards a world that will offer completely responsible palm oil.

Aside from our RSPO membership, Jarchem has always prided itself in being able to provide nature-based and innovative alternatives to traditional ingredients. Our line of Jarxotic™ Natural Clays are pure clays that are extracted from natural quarries and offer maximum toxin elimination to improve the appearance of our skin. Dedicated to sustainability, after one quarry is fully excavated, trees are planted to give back to the environment and encourage pure sustainable sourcing. Through our membership of the Global Shea Alliance, GSA, we are proudly involved in the contribution of quality and sustainable practices when offering shea in the personal care industry. As of 2020, we offer several products that are CleanGredient certified that have been approved by the U.S. EPA’s Safer Choice Standard. Jarchem has always stayed ahead of the curve and we believe ensuring our sustainable processes and way of thought reflect in the products we supply. 

Though all our products do not offer RSPO certified palm oil, we hope one day we can change that. Throughout the new year we will continue to build upon our products that are already considered RSPO certified and have hopes to expand the certification across several product lines in the next upcoming years.

RSPO MB can be added to the following supply chains:

  • Alkyl Polyglucoside
  • Sarcosinate
  • Glutamates
  • Taurates
  • Specialty Alcohols
  • Alkanes
  • Specialty Emollients
  • Other Oleochemicals

To learn more about our progress please visit the RSPO website by clicking the button below.

Incorporate our products into your formulations

We offer several different ingredients that can be used in HI&I products that meet the certification approval of Cleangredients and RSPO. Being able to offer versatile ingredients, with different certifications to meet the needs of our consumers, is something Jarchem prides ourselves in. Check out three different HI&I formulations below to see how our ingredients can be used in your formulations.

Here are some HI&I formulations that showcase our products!

Jarchem™ Shower and Bathroom Cleaner

Formula No. JY01147-2

Jarchem™ All Purpose Cleaner

Formula No. JY01147-3

Jarchem™ Alkaline Degreaser

Formula No. JY01147-1

Have a question about our involvement with RSPO or how to use our products in your formulations? 

Email us today at info@jarchem.com