Jarace™ Specialty Salts

Jarace™ Specialty Salts are high quality products manufactured with our unique equipment to give high density, free flowing, low dusting dry products, as well as high purity liquid products.

Ammonium Acetate
CAS:631-61-8 EINECS:211-162-9

Ammonium Acetate Solution
CAS:631-61-8; 7732-18-5 EINECS:211-162-9

Ammonium Acetate Purified
CAS:631-61-8 EINECS:211-162-9

Calcium Acetate
CAS:62-54-4 EINECS:200-540-9

Calcium Acetate FCC
CAS:62-54-4 EINECS:200-540-9

Calcium Acetate, FCC, Granular
CAS: 62-54-4 EINECS: 200-540-9

Calcium Acetate – Nature Based

Magnesium Acetate
CAS:16674-78-5 EINECS:205-554-9

Potassium Acetate
CAS:127-08-2 EINECS:204-822-2

Potassium Acetate, Solution
CAS:127-08-2; 7732-18-5 EINECS:204-822-2

Potassium Acetate, ACS
CAS:127-08-2 EINECS:204-822-2

Potassium Acetate, CP
CAS:127-08-2 EINECS:204-822-2

Sodium Acetate
CAS:127-09-3 EINECS:204-823-9

Sodium Acetate, Solution
CAS:7732-18-5; 127-09-3 EINECS:204-823-8

Sodium Acetate 30% Solution, Technical
CAS: 127-09-3; 7732-18-5 EINECS:204-823-8

Sodium Acetate, CP
CAS:127-09-3 EINECS:204-823-8

Sodium Acetate, FCC
CAS:127-09-3 EINECS:204-823-8

Sodium Acetate – Nature Based

Potassium Diacetate – Nature Based

Sodium Diacetate-FCC
CAS:129-96-5 EINECS:204-814-9

Sodium Diacetate – Nature Based
CAS:126-96-5 EINECS:204-814-9

Sodium Benzoate, Solution
CAS:532-32-1; 7732-18-5 EINECS:208-534-8

Calcium Chloride, Anhydrous
CAS:10043-52-4 EINECS:233-140-8

Potassium Glycolate Solution
AKA: Potassium Hydroxyacetate
CAS:1932-50-9; 7732-18-5 EINECS:217-693-2

Sodium Glycolate
AKA: Sodium Hydroxyacetate
CAS:2836-32-0 EINECS:220-624-9

Sodium Glycolate
CAS:2836-32-0 EINECS:220-624-9

Calcium Propionate, FCC
CAS:4075-81-4 EINECS:223-795-8

Sodium Propionate, FCC
CAS:137-40-6 EINECS:205-290-4

Hydroxylamine Sulfate
AKA: Bis(hydroxylammonium) sulphate
CAS:10039-54-0 EINECS:233-118-8