Goodbye 2019! Hello 2020!

New Year, New Decade!

Jarchem is approaching the new year with a 2020 vision (get it đŸ˜‰)! We are starting the decade with a year-long campaign named CLEAN INCI, CLEAN LABEL.  

We see consumer trends and regulatory trends converging in the last decade. This coincides with the increasing ease of access to information. Consumers are more informed than their counterparts from the past, meaning they have higher demand for transparency in their personal and household products. They want to know what is in their products and why it is there. Major brands and retailers are responding by having their own ‘clean’ or ‘natural-derived’ label. All of these new requirements make the jobs of our customers more difficult as ingredient “blacklists” keep expanding. 

We understand! We want to help! 

At Jarchem we see ourselves in a unique positioning with our offerings. We have always stood by our slogan, â€œBased on Nature, Rooted in Science.” Our portfolio of nature-based products offers customers the versatility of creating cleaner, environment-friendly and functional formulations. Clean ingredients mean Clean Labels. 

Starting in Jan 2020, we will be highlighting innovative Jarchem ingredients that will help customers meet their formulation needs. Sign up for a Jarlink, our membership services, to receive newsletters, formulation highlights and other updates we have planned. You can also download brochures and technical documents.

Welcome to 2020!

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