Biopure™ GLDA: Natural Alternative to EDTA

EDTA has been the industrial standard for chelating agents and used widely in food, cosmetic and industrial applications. However, recently EDTA has been under scrutiny for poor biodegradability and accumulation in the eco-system. Furthermore, research shows EDTA-ligands are resistance to bacterial degradation.

Jarchem aims to provide an alternative chelating agent that is natural and safe for the environment. Jarchem’s Biopure™ GLDA is certified bio-based and readily biodegradable. It also performs equally or better than existing industrial standard chelating agents such as EDTA and NTA.

In short, Biopure™ GLDA is:

  • Stable over wide pH range
  • Excellent metal affinity
  • Highly soluble
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Preservative boosting
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