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Jarace™ PDA-N, Potassium Diacetate, is a nature based, low sodium food ingredient. It can be used to replace or in combination with Jarace™ SDA (Sodium Diacetate) to enhance your food products. Some applications are vinegar flavoring in seasonings, mold inhibitor in snack foods, and anti-microbial meat preservative. It can also be used ... Read More
July 11, 2016Estelle
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 You have used IPP or IPM for years. Now try a nature-based IPS. Jarplex™ IPS (Isopropyl Shea Butter) is a new nature-based, very light emollient ester. It can be used in all your formulations, ranging from creams to lotions to sprays. ... Read More
April 27, 2016Estelle


Jarplex™ SB-OE is a nature based, moisturizing ester with improved oxidative stability compared to Shea butter alone. It is light, fast spreading, and penetrating with a less waxy feel without being tacky. Cold:Jarplex™ SB-OE is great for use in protective products, such as winter products and cold weather applications. ... Read More
January 1, 2016Estelle
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Jarchem has many ingredients for your use in sunscreen applications. Click here for a brochure showing our materials and their functionality. If you have any further inquires, please contact us. 
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